Allied Ducted Split Unit provides standard and optional features to ensure a cool and comfortable environment in diversified residential applications. This quiet operating unit comes with high quality air filter and high efficiency compressor with the capability to operate in high ambient temperatures.
It is a green cooling unit as it utilizes an Eco-friendly refrigerant which provides high cooling efficiency. This unique unit grants installation flexibility, convertible back and bottom duct openings.

Capacity Range: 18 - 60 K BTU

About Allied

Allied is a USA brand with Saudi – SASO and G mark of GCC specs. It builds technologically advanced, residential, commercial, applied air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Our solutions continue to offer the best of everything


Allied residential and commercial air conditioners are manufactured with high quality specification and superior energy efficiency to serve the Saudi harsh weather, meeting and exceeding the SASO standard. All components and parts are well designed and laboratory tested for strength and endurance, insuring every piece of equipment that comes off our assembly lines in Bahrain, upholds our highest quality and standards.

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